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Inspiration sets off a chain reaction. Moving forward at a relentless pace, Sonny Digital unlocks one sound only to find another and so on and so forth. This perpetual forward motion has assured his place at the forefront of the culture as an innovator behind the board and on the mic. As a producer, he’s architected multiplatinum smashes for everyone from Future and Drake to Beyoncé, DJ Khaled, 2 Chainz and Don Toliver. As an artist, he has served up critically acclaimed projects and collaborations. However, the Atlanta rapper, producer, and force of nature continues to break ground on his 2022 full-length debut album for Generation Now/Atlantic Records and much more to come.

“Sounds inspire other sounds,” he states. “If I play one instrument, it’ll trigger another in my head. For my whole career, I’ve championed being versatile. I’m always doing something you might not expect. It’s who I am.”

As a kid, Sonny taught himself how to craft music on his brother’s old school MPC as a hobby. Later on, he transitioned over to the family computer, downloading Fruity Loops and learning how to cook up beats. During 2011, he earned a breakthrough placement with YC’s gold-selling “Racks” [feat. Future]. This opened the floodgates for a series of influential anthems, including Future’s Billboard Hot 100 breakout “Same Damn Time,” 2 Chainz’s double-platinum “Birthday Song” [feat. Kanye West], ILoveMakonnen’s GRAMMY® Award-nominated platinum-certified “Tuesday” [feat. Drake], 21 Savage’s platinum-certified “Red Opps,” Travis Scott’s platinum-certified “STARGAZING,” and Don Toliver’s “After Party,” among dozens of others. In between a series of solo singles, he ignited his 2016 G.O.A.T. EP as well as Black Goat [2017] and Black Goat 2 [2020] with Black Boe. Lyrical Lemonade hailed the latter as “a dynamic, potent offering. Receiving further critical acclaim, The FADER mused, “It’s almost not fair for Sonny Digital to be as good of a producer as he is and then be nice on the mic too.  Not to mention, his audience burgeoned when he introduced the world-famous “Club Digital” on Clubhouse.

Signing to Generation Now in 2022, he kicks his artistry up a notch—or ten—once more.

“Whether I’m producing, rapping, or writing a song, I’m just creating music,” he explains. “Sometimes, I feel like an idea deserves vocals. If I can add vocals, I look at them like instruments. If I think someone else’s vocal instruments will sound better, I’ll give it to them. I’m always just trying to make dope shit.”

Speaking of, he ignites this next phase with the single “Guess What” [feat. SSGKobe]. On production from Franchise, hazy 808s underline the track with claps as video game-style hyperpop loops echo. Sonny knocks out punchlines with heavyweight power, and SSGKobe rolls through with a magnetically melodic cameo of his own.

“It’s one of the first songs I’d made for this era,” he states. “I had just gotten back from L.A., and I was feeling good. It felt like the right one to lead with. It comes on and gets straight into it. You don’t have to figure out if you like it. It’s straight heat.”

Then, there’s “Since 91” [feat. SLUGG]. Co-produced by Sonny and Honorable C.N.O.T.E. [Migos, Trippie Redd, Travis Scott], his confident flow takes hold before SLUGG counters with bulletproof bars.Computer-y keys cut through the glitchy beat on “Vet” as Sonny’s laidback delivery instantly transfixes.

“It’s one of my favorites,” he notes. “I just started freestyling, and it gave me the same feeling. I jumped right into it.”

In the end, Sonny keeps pushing hip-hop forward as he urges everyone to catch up. “In 2022, my goal is to be the person you look up to,” he leaves off. “I’m trying to be a humble giant. I know what I’ve done. For a long time, I’ve looked at myself as regular, but now I’m going to be a legend—and I’m going to be one for the rest of time being.”