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A phenomenon of social media, female rap impresario Killumantii lives her life online. She single-handedly built her brand from the trenches and made it mainstream. The 18 year-old West Atlanta native mastered the art of the Internet, which enabled her to develop a digital presence and foster a movement of accessibility. Killumantii, whose name was inspired by hip-hop icon Tupac, has a reputation for being independent, self-reliant and innovative. Her social currency was birthed from curating both visual and musical content that her cult following was all too eager to share. As a result, she organically grew her audience from 1k to over 1+ million supporters in less than a year with a disruptive ‘do-it-yourself’ approach. In 2018, Killumantii became labelmates with Lil Uzi Vert when she signed a deal with Generation Now/Atlantic Records, which can only mean her social impact is on the brink of global omnipotence.

Killumantii, who is articulate and soft spoken while her music is raw and hard, is a Grady baby – a stamp that identifies someone as a true ATL native. Rhyming was something she was interested in from a young age. When she was in the 7th grade, she began battle rapping during her lunch period oftentimes competing against, as well as annihilating her male counterparts. From wordplay, punchlines and flow, Killuminatti’s improvisational skills earned her the name for being a verbal assassin. She soon graduated from spitting bars in ciphers to performing in area talent shows that she also dominated. Empowered by her accumulative success and creative ambition, the teenager took her talents online. She took part in a YouTube challenge that went viral, garnering her video airtime on CNN.

Killumantii cleverly leveraged that exposure by socializing and aligning her likeness with well-known local IG influencers. This led to her doing comedy skits where she would incorporate 60-second freestyles that masterfully captured viewers attention. The femcee found her niche and eventually turned the attention from visual to musical. Her straightforward brashness coupled with brilliant songwriting birthed from real world experiences, immediately connected with the millennial and Generation Z consumer. The only logical next step was to turn the minute long snippets into full-length records, which is what she did.

The Instafame and extreme demand from her musical obligations forced the impending high school senior to finish her academic career as a homeschool student. However when you’re at the forefront of a cultural revolution, following your passions and building a business around them translates into the best examples of entrepreneurship and enlightened education.




Patrick Afeku – patandmusic@gmail.com