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Jack Harlow is an American rapper and songwriter hailing from Louisville, KY. Growing up in the Highlands area of Louisville, Harlow was influenced early on by his diverse surroundings. His earliest memory of creating music was at 12 years old, when he was given Guitar Hero as a kid. He plugged it into a program called Audacity and from that moment on, Jack knew he was on to something special.

Never wanting to fit the mold, Jack and his friends created their own world in high school entitled Private Garden. Each member had a creative ability that was strong and unique. Jack and his creative crew began to take their skills seriously around senior year and began to record songs. They received great feedback locally, even headlining some shows in the Louisville area.

After being well received in his hometown, Jack knew he needed to branch out on a larger scale. He began to record new music and in 2016 he released his first mixtape ‘18’ which dropped on SoundCloud. His breakout song ‘Ice Cream’ garnered more than 900K plays on Spotify, leading Jack to a fast new level of success. Now, with over 5 million total streams, Jack Harlow has released his debut album Gazebo, which has received rave reviews. Heavy hitters such as Sway Calloway of Sway in the Morning and DJ Drama have personally given their official stamp of approval.

His leading single off the project, ‘Dark Knight’, was premiered on Mass Appeal, with them referring to him as “The Louisville spitter with a speedy, fluid flow,” and subsequently went viral on social media. Now gearing up for his first nationwide tour in January of 2018, Jack’s fresh style, unconventional sound, rebellious spirit and charming personality will see that he reaches the top.





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